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Fed up with the Magical Realm's obsession with large-scale fantasy warfare, Jack the Wizard decides to migrate to the sanest place he can think of: Melbourne's Western suburbs. After accidentally causing Flinders Street Station to turn ever so slightly into a giant Fish monster, his existence (and that of his fellow magical immigrants) is revealed to the Australian public. Fearing a backlash against himself and his kind, Jack swears off using magic in a bid to better assimilate into human life. But of course, fitting in was never going to be easy when people tend to get a bit 'explode-y' whenever you sneeze...

The Wizards of Aus - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 11 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-19

The Wizards of Aus - The Raven (The Stranglers album) - Netflix

The Raven is the fourth studio album by English new wave band The Stranglers. It was released on 21 September 1979, through record label United Artists.

The Wizards of Aus - Track listing - Netflix

All songs written by The Stranglers. “Longships” – 1:10 “The Raven” – 5:13 “Dead Loss Angeles” – 2:24 “Ice” – 3:26 “Baroque Bordello” – 3:50 “Nuclear Device (The Wizard of Aus)” – 3:32 “Shah Shah a Go Go” – 4:50 “(Don't Bring) Harry” – 4:09 “Duchess” – 2:30 “Meninblack” – 4:48 “Genetix” – 5:16

The Wizards of Aus - References - Netflix

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