Meet the McDonaghs - Netflix

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Meet the McDonaghs will lay bare the lives of The Voice of Ireland runner up, Kelly McDonagh Mongan and her family.

Meet the McDonaghs - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-09-25

Meet the McDonaghs - Fife (instrument) - Netflix

A fife is a small, high-pitched, transverse aerophone, that is similar to the piccolo. The fife originated in medieval Europe and is often used in Fife & Drum Corps, military units and marching bands. Someone who plays the fife is called a fifer. The word fife comes from the German Pfeife, or pipe, which comes from the Latin word pipare. The fife is a diatonically tuned instrument commonly consisting of a tube with 6 finger holes and an embouchure hole that produces sound when blown across. Modern versions of the fife are chromatic, having 10 or 11 finger holes that allow any note to be played. Fifes are made primarily of wood, such as: grenadilla, rosewood, mopane, pink ivory, cocobolo, boxwood, maple and persimmon. Fifes are most commonly used in Fife & Drum Corps, but can also be found in folk music, particularly Celtic music. Some Caribbean music makes use of fifes, which are usually made from bamboo. Military and marching fifes have metal reinforcing bands around the ends to protect them from damage. These bands are called ferrules. Fifes used in less strenuous conditions sometimes have a lathe-turned, knob-like decoration at the ends for similar reasons. Some fifes are entirely made of metal or plastic. Some modern fifes are of two-piece construction with a sliding tuning joint similar to some recorders.

Meet the McDonaghs - Other makers - Netflix

Other manufacturers of Ancient fifes include Ralph Sweet of Enfield, Connecticut, whose Cloos model fifes most closely resemble the original instrument. His son, Walt D. Sweet, has established his own manufactory. The one- and two-piece fifes produced there rival both the revised McDonagh fife and the Healy fife for intonation, pitch, and ease of playing. One might purchase plastic fifes from either Yamaha and Angel, but these fifes are in the key of C and include a left-hand thumb hole to aid in playing in tune. Books are published on playing this fife through Just Flutes and Choral Seas Press.

Meet the McDonaghs - References - Netflix

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