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100,000 Years Before our Time... Held responsible for the loss of their tribe s source of fire, Artor and his brother galil are banished. With three other friends, they embark on a wild adventure: do their best to give back the fire to their tribe and regain the trust and respect of their families. In their search for fire, they will be met by tough but beautiful world: hostile volcanoes, glaciers, sabre-toothed predators, exotic plants and warring tribes... but beyond this, they face the challenge of their own limits and search to find their place as emerging young adults. In a prehistoric setting, the rules of friendship don t change...

  • Written by Jean-Sebastien Heroux

Type: Animation

Languages: None

Status: Ended

Runtime: 24 minutes

Premier: None

Les enfants du feu - Fauré Le Page - Netflix

Fauré Le Page (French pronunciation: ​[fɔ.ʁe lə‿paʒ]) is a French firearms manufacturer (arquebusier and fourbisseur) established in Paris in 1717. Founded by Louis Pigny, the company remained in the same family until 1913. Throughout its history, the manufacturer was successively called Pigny, Le Page, Le Page Moutier and finally, Fauré Le Page in 1865. The brand's unique and luxurious craftsmanship quickly gathered a royal and imperial clientele. In addition, the manufacturer’s commitment to the French Revolution together with recognition from authors also enhanced the prestige of the brand. The company which had long made holsters and gun bags now also makes organizers and handbags.

Les enfants du feu - Bibliography - Netflix

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Les enfants du feu - References - Netflix

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